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thanks for visiting my website. you may have a lot of questions. maybe you believe there is something happening but you don't understand. maybe you are afraid to come forward and ask for help or maybe you have a story. whatever questions you have why don't you email me? i don't have all the answers. what i can do is listen to you and maybe help you understand that there are some things that never get answered. . something happened after 911. a lot has. here we are years later and we still don't know everything.  there are lawsuits that have started with some law firms. they do have facts and hard evidence. but the other problems that the public doesn't know. there are real fact stories. some really hard to believe. i know for myself. even my stories just doesn't make sense. but i have facts. and what i uncovered is a nightmare in another nightmare. i know our civil rights was violated very badly and many have conspired to cover it up. and they removed many who did the crimes and a few was charged with fake charges.  i know. i found out. before you say that its not true. look at all the facts. everything has patterns.  your email will not be given out or shared. all  information will be kept confidential .

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