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short story

why did this happen ? did anyone else have problems ?

what i am allowed to talk about before my book is that others have had problems related to after 911. i know for a fact. they had there place of business closed, they was threatened with false lies, they was forced to sell their business or lose it all.  their license was taken away. they was checked out to see who they know, what they sold or anything they see fit to find out anything on you.  the computers get hacked by them. without you knowing they looked in your computers. or how about wire taps. 

be your own detective.  check for evidence. 

after the first few weeks we knew something didn't fit. everything they did we found mistakes.  that's when we realized we found out something that they had been told something, then we found out something about the court, the lawyer who conspired, the police how they got severely threatening. there was a massive pattern.  even in court there was something odd. sorry in the book. wait to read what we uncovered.  we know one important information. they wanted us to leave new york.  figure this on your own. we did. be your own detective. look for answers

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