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After 911:  

Welcome to my site. this site is for my up coming book. after 911:  The Corruption. Here I will from time to time write some stories about what happened to me and my mother after my dad passed on in 2002 only  6 months later . I hope you will enjoy some of my short stories before my book comes out. there will be 4 in all.  I dedicate my stories to help the victims after 911.  your not alone.  God bless to you all.

One Sane Voice Fighting  (Non- sense)  in Suffolk county's corruption

Who would ever think that one man would in fact never let this go. This is my home, your home. What really happened after 911 ? Many are silent. They fear the police, they fear retaliation if they try to file lawsuits or who knows who else is pulling the strings of law enforcement. They are protected by the 50-a law. What can you do to protect your rights. stand together.  what lawyer will help ? You're not alone.

What Our Readers Are Saying

One brave man is willing to go public with his stories to try to get some kind of justice.  He knows he could get retaliation. He and his mother want there lives back.

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